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FOR RENT area Airport Schiphol- Aalsmeer

Object: 2020-6

Price: Indication € 55.-- per m2 excl. service charges and VAT

FOR RENT area Airport Schiphol- Aalsmeer


 FOR RENT, Rietwijkeroordweg nr 48, 1432 JE Aalsmeer

Detailed description.

Surroundings- Schinkelpolder, Aalsmeer.

Approximately 23.400 m2 of high-quality business space (also for rent in parts), on a very large plot of approximately 31.000 m2. The complex has a very representative appearance.

Delivered to a high delivery level, with energy rating A, RC value 4.8.

The business space is very attractively priced and competitive with regard to the rental prices in the area.

Establishment possibilities for business activities within environment 1 and 2.

Destination: Agricultural, agricultural related and company.


By car:

Very easily accessible to and from Amstelveen, Aalsmeer, Hoofddorp and Uithoorn. Near Amsterdam, Schiphol and the highways A4, A5, A9 and the N201.


The business premises are very close to Schiphol-East and the Amsterdam forest, with excellent connections to the A9 motorway and the Royal Flora Holland flower auction.

Distance to Royal Flora Holland: is 6 KM, approx. 9 minutes, distance A9: is 3.5 km, approx. 4 minutes and distance Schiphol-East 1.6 KM. about 3 minutes.

Rental price:

Business space: € 55 .-- per m2 per year excluding VAT.

Office space: € 120 .-- per m2 per year excluding VAT.


Business space approx 22,420 m2, to be rented in parts.

Office space approx. 980 m2, subdivisions for rent.


There are 125 parking places on site. Rental price € 350 per location per year excluding VAT.

Construction planning and acceptance:

Now for rent, delivery now.


Business space:

15 loading docks

2 overhead doors on the ground floor

Free height 5 meters

Ridge height 8 meters

Maximum floor load 2,000 kg / m2

The floor is suitable for a forklift truck with a lifting capacity of 2,000 kg and an axle load of 5,000 kg.

Scaffolding with a point load of 2,750 kg on base plates of 100x100 mm.

LED lighting

Power flow

Light streets

Energy rating A, RC value 4.8

Office space:


Impregnated use floor (concrete look)

Cable ducts with electricity and possibility for up-to-date cabling

Climate control with air treatment

Underfloor heating



Energy neutral installations (gas-free)


Contract to be finalized at the notary before occupying the premises.

Rent € 55 per square meter per year

offered since 6 months

status available

acceptance in consultation


Main function industrial hall

possible functions office space

type of construction new construction

year currently under construction.


Industrial hall 22420 m2 and in units of 5000 m2

Free span 8 meters.

Carrying capacity 2,000 kg / m2

Plot 30838 m2

Energy rating



For information or a visit to the locaition call us;

VMC - agra realtor 0653 7706 55 

FOR RENT area Airport Schiphol- Aalsmeer FOR RENT area Airport Schiphol- Aalsmeer
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